Country: Belgium
Province: Limburg (BE)
Location: BE - Alken
Therapy form: Lomi-lomi massage, Relaxation massage, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

About me

Tantra massage IngridThe desire to be more energetic, happy and free, to experience more love and self-love in my life, sparked an intense quest! And that brought me to courses and workshops such as ENERGETIC BODY WORK (with shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, fascia, energetic organ massage or chi nei tsang), MASSAGE (relaxation, lomi lomi temple style, hot stone, gemstone, metamorphosis and pregnancy massage), (TAO) MEDITATION, sound healing, EFT, constellation work, ...

Subsequently, my growth process focused on the deeper relaxation and fuller experience of my being a WOMAN. Themes such as safety, setting boundaries, grounding, chakra balancing, male-female awareness, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, experiencing vulnerability as strength ... presented themselves. It was therefore only logical that TANTRA came on my path.

Touching people and being touched myself, touching with attention and from the heart is my passion. Giving and receiving massages can be profoundly healing; tantra massages add an extra dimension to that!

I am the proud mother of three beautiful daughters, and being happy and finding fulfillment in life is the most beautiful gift I can give to myself and to them!


Tantra is a wonderful way to meet your most beautiful, powerful and purest essence, in freedom and surrender!

In an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, you are invited to feel your whole body beyond shame or fear, to express your desire and to fully enjoy your sexual (or life) energy.

By regularly submitting to this total embodiment, you gradually experience much more relaxation in your body, rest in your head and in your whole Being. Hypersensitivity, cramping or pain and old trauma can be healed in all softness. You experience your body more and more as one flowing whole!

By using your breathing as a circulation pump, the pleasure extends far beyond the erogenous zones and you increase your energy potential.

As my favorite insight card says, the more you show yourself, the more there is to love!

During an introductory meeting we discuss your questions, uncertainties and expectations. The course of the session is adapted to preferences, possible complaints or operations. And the recipient knows that he / she has a say at all times.

The tantra meeting starts with a ritual welcome and the expression of your intention: what do you want to experience, where do you want to grow, what do you want to know about yourself? Breathing and chakras are coordinated to create a safe space. Then you take a seat on the futon. While stroking (without oil), the consciousness of your physical form is awakened, after which the whole body is massaged very slowly with warm oil, so slowly that your mind can go completely IN the feeling. Every cm² of your body gets full attention, which deepens your body awareness. It often surprises how "erogenous" certain "ordinary" body parts turn out to be, and we breathe that energy into every cell! Connecting, wrapping massage strokes with hands and forearms make you WHOLE and build up to a feeling of TOTAL BLISS: Your masculinity and femininity are invited to show themselves completely.

It is agreed in advance whether the massage is completed here, or whether the pelvis (perineum, prostate, yoni or lingam) is also massaged. Sometimes unresolved, painful experiences get in the way of allowing joyful embodiment.

Due to the slow and gentle massage, the (parasympathetic) nervous system is only pleasantly stimulated so that blockages and fears of unwanted or traumatic experiences can be released. Breathing techniques and visualization merge your now-awareness with the painful memories of the past, literally thawing the charges of these experiences and erasing them from your physical memory. The life force that was held in this can flow freely again! Tantra is a HEALING, BODY-ORIENTED EXPERIENCE.

In other words, with certain tensions, blockages that are experienced as a 'problem' can be worked more therapeutically (with gentle dearmouring techniques or shiatsu), either as a treatment in itself or integrated into the massage. Combined with attention, breathing, visualization, ... a lot of tension can dissolve in all softness.

Surrendering yourself to relaxation and pleasure and taking all the time for it, is something we do not get from our culture. There are often strong feelings of guilt and shame. Men feel pressured to perform and ignore their emotional side, and women don't get the necessary time, which is very unnatural for both. Ignorance about the polarity between men and women also brings a lot of tension in relationships, and therefore also in the perception of sexuality. Tantric massages can help release that tension and provide an enormous deepening of that experience.

The list of conditions changed by tantra is endless, but I will try to list a few:

women : low self-esteem, shame, low libido, no sense or fear of sex, not daring / being able to enjoy, hypersensitivity, little body awareness, not being able to tolerate touches such as clitoris / vagina, vaginismus, staying too dry, not experiencing orgasm, traumatic sexual experiences, weakening of the vagina / pelvic floor, fear of penetration, fear of pain (e.g. after childbirth), scar tissue in the vagina, abortion ...

men : sex drive, stress, low libido, low body awareness, erection problems, hypersensitivity of the head, cumming too fast, pain in the testicles, prostate complaints, cramping in the pelvic floor or around the anus, traumatic sexual experiences, ...

A tantra ritual takes at least 2 hours. In the view of equivalence of giver and receiver, the massage is given and received naked. But this can be discussed! Most importantly, the recipient can receive in complete confidence and surrender.

Both giver and receiver remain in their own roles and this does not involve the exchange of touches.

There is an opportunity to shower after the massage.

Look in each other's eyes and see how love smiles back at you; the kind of love that does not expect anything in return, but just IS to be shared.

TANTRA FOR COUPLES : Would you like to take your intimacy to a higher level as a couple and be initiated into the tantra world? Then I would like to guide you to teach each other a tantra massage. The basic massage with perineum, yoni and lingam massage is taught in blocks of 3 hours, and this can be further supplemented with extra sessions around breathing work, deepening with rituals, chakra work, a supervision session ... You absolutely do not need tantra nor massage experience, only the willingness to meet as a couple in openness and vulnerability.

Appointment possible on every working week day between 9h en 21h. 
No appointments possible during weekends nor on festive days.


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Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Bekkenbodem massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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