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Hi Saskia, thanks again for the good treatment. I'm still enjoying it fully the days after.
Happy to have discovered you and that I can enjoy your talents.
It was also a pleasant chat.

L. (session 2) [therapist: Saskia]

Hi Saskia,

We wanted to let you know about this 😉
We were talking about you and our sessions this weekend...
This really did us both good... First of all we talk a lot more about our sexual experience, desires, do's and don'ts, something extra…
Also confessed that I already had a previous session with you, and this is relief.
In addition, our intimate experience has become completely different, reborn .... happening much more often, more is allowed, in different ways, both fully enjoying, feeling energy flow intensely ... something that we used to think not possible ..
In short, for us this is really a new dimension
You will definitely see us again, we both agree on that 😉
So, we just wanted to share this with you.
Thanks again and see you soon!

Anoniem koppel (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Thank you for your time, space, security and serenity.
It did me a lot of good...
I feel a little more free in my own skin now...

Peter (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

In June ’22 I decided to take the plunge to my 1st Tantra massage. All this was completely new for me to literally expose myself to someone I did not know at all. So I went there with a bit of a feeling of discomfort and a nervous/exciting feeling.

From the first moment I saw Saskia I felt the tension already flowing away… Saskia exudes a lot of peace and confidence, which made me feel very safe with her very quickly. During a 3 hour session with Saskia I was treated with great respect and love. This session has healed very deep wounds for me.

I understand that many people think 200 euros is a lot of money ... that is indeed not cheap, even for me this is a considerable amount as a single person. But I am very grateful that Saskia has come on my path and that I have spent that well-considered 200 euros on this session because in the end this has become an investment in myself and that is worth so much more than that visibly physical 200 euros. I am therefore convinced that I will book another session with Saskia at an appropriate time in the future.

Warm greetings

B. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

It was an amazing experience as a whole. Serene environment, away from it all.
Saskia leaves plenty of room, a place to be in peace and with your integral self.
It was a surprising and honest experience.

C. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

It was my first experience with Saskia but I certainly did not regret it.
Her practice is quietly located in a green setting, very neat and tidy.
The usual intake interview is not unnecessarily long. You are immediately put at ease.
Saskia takes you from the first touch into a blissful feeling. You no longer have a sense of time and you completely relax.
You can fully enjoy yourself and you do that spontaneously.
After the massage you can quietly “wake up” again, without haste.
I will definitely go back.

D.A. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Thank you very much for the warm massage and the great energy that I have received.
What a holistic experience.
Never had such an orgasmic massage.

Geert (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

The massages I received from Saskia were deeply relaxing. Saskia massages intuitively and through her presence creates a safe space to do nothing at all and enjoy. From an attitude of "nothing is necessary" you can come to your own home for a while. Saskia touches from sincerity and connection. Very nice experiences.

Hugo D. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]